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A Business Is Born

I originally conceived the idea of Suits Your Belly during my first pregnancy when I was trying to look and feel good while working as an executive at a Fortune 100 company. I was frustrated by the lack of selection in great fitting, well made maternity work clothes. I felt like a slob going to work every day and my increasing waistline didn’t help the situation. I searched everywhere for better maternity work wear with no luck. Two years later, with my second pregnancy, there were great advancements with baby gear and gadgets but still no improvements in selection or quality of maternity work clothes. I drew up the plans for the first suit and sent it to a tailor who helped me take my ideas from paper to samples. My greatest affirmation came when I wore the early samples during my pregnancy and women (many non-pregnant) stopped me to ask me where I bought my beautiful suit. After many cycles of trying it on all different body types of pregnant women and reworking the pattern, I believe we have perfected the design. The exclusive Zip in Panel™ design (patent pending) contributes not only to the comfort of the pants but also to your budget. Being a working mom I am very practical and value driven. These pants are not only the most comfortable maternity pants you will own but they will also transform with your body as you grow, eliminating the need to purchase different types of pants throughout your pregnancy. (Wear them underbelly for a little bump then overbelly when your bump gets big and your pants need a lift!) I created this line with you in mind, to help you look and feel fabulous during this exciting time of life. Congratulations on your pregnancy and please feel free to share ideas, comments or suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

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